Why use gMeltApp™?

It is a perfect way to share files with, and distribute to other people you interact with in work or play.

You control the level of access completely. It’s easy, flexible, and worry-free. Simply select the files, specify recipients, and gMelt will automatically create a message and send it. Recipients receive an email with the message and if they are a fellow gMelter, they get a notification on the gMeltApp on their mobile device and in their INBOX on gMeltWeb. They can access the file through their gMelt account in their SHARE folder.

gMeltApp allows you to restore, retrieve or transfer your valuable information.

You can access your stored information anytime, anywhere from any device that supports a web-browser – no cables required. With the intuitive interface and intelligent sorting functionality, uploading and managing your files is quick and simple. You can also download, view and share popular file types, such as Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks, PDFs, .vcf, jpg, MOV, and more. Share files, big or small – or take away sharing privileges at anytime. You can even set up gMelt to track your mobile device, find it or remotely delete the information, if needed!

gMeltApp Screen Examples

Easy log-in

Get up and running quickly with secure log-in capabilities

Great admin

Invite friends, share files, set up automatic data backup based on time, or device storage capacity, enable device tracking and more!

Share many file types

Photos, videos, documents, etc., of unlimited size.

Broad platform support

– Android (v 1.6 and beyond)
– iPhone OS versions 3.1 and beyond (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


– Enrollment of new iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch and Android devices
– Add new devices to current account (one additional device for gMeltPersonal and 99 additional devices for gMeltPro

Smartphone administrative features

– Auto arrange icons for most used (enable/disable)
– Wheel short cuts via “g-button”
– Change password
– Invite friends
– Activate/upgrade account
– Adjustable phone storage capacity alarm/notification
– GPS activation (on/off)
– GPS sampling settings (2-60 minutes)
– Access to web-based FAQs through app
– Scheduling for up-loads and back-ups
– Management of INBOX notifications