Fidelithon Systems Trademark List

Trademarks, service marks and other similar indicators of product origin (collectively “Trademarks”) of Fidelithon Systems, LLC (“Fidelithon”) are owned by Fidelithon Systems, LLC. Fidelithon has registered product names and services (including “Fidelithon”) and other descriptive features with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This includes appropriate agencies in important markets worldwide to protect its claim to specific names, other trademarks and service marks. Trademarks and service marks are vital elements that enable a company to identify its products and distinguish them from others on the market. Trademarks give a company legal “ownership” of a given name, slogan or title and allow the company to collect damages from others who may infringe on the right of or misrepresent the company through improper use of the name.

The following is a list of Fidelithon trademarks and service marks.

Fidelithon’s Trademarks Generic Term(s)

Fidelithon®Company Name
gMelt™Product Name
gMeltCloud™Cloud-based management system
gMeltWeb™Sharing and storage system
gMeltApp™Application program

When using the marks in publications that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate ™, ℠, or ® symbol on first use. For publications that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include trademark symbols. Instead use the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example: “Fidelithon” is a trademark of Fidelithon Systems, LLC., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

The list also includes one or more suggested generic terms for each trademark. For all publications, include an appropriate generic term after the trademark the first time it appears. Thereafter, the generic term should appear frequently with the trademark. (Note: These generic terms are only suggestions, and there may be other words that are equally appropriate.)

Remember that trademarks are adjectives, and cannot be made plural or possessive.

For more information on how to use Fidelithon’s trademarks, contact the Trademark Department by e-mail at

The absence of a product or service name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of Fidelithon’s trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.

Copyright Information

A copyright is a property right in an original work of authorship. Copyright is recognized in most countries of the world by statutory copyright laws.

Copyright exists in the expression of an idea, but not the idea itself. Copyrightable expressions can take many forms but are usually categorized as literary, musical, dramatic, pantomime and choreography, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, computer programs, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement

If you believe that your work has been copied on Fidelithon’s Web site in a way that constitutes infringement, please refer to Claims of Copyright Infringement.

Rights and Permissions

If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Fidelithon copyrighted materials, for example, photographs, video footage, Fidelithon advertisements or other Fidelithon materials, please submit your detailed request in writing. Please be sure to include any surrounding copy or text to the Fidelithon material.

Marketing or advertising requests (which may include promotions/givewaways, sponsorship, product placement and partnership requests) may be emailed

For use of Fidelithon copyrighted or trademarked material in third party works (eg., books, publications or media/broadcast) please email your detailed request to and include the following:

  • Specific image(s) or material for which you are seeking permission
  • Surrounding copy or text to the Fidelithon material you wish to use in your project
  • Publisher, if applicable
  • Publishing date (and countries), if applicable
  • Title, if applicable
  • How Fidelithon and its products fit into your project
  • Your deadline

For any other information relating to Fidelithon’s Copyrights or Trademarks, please contact

Requests may also be faxed to Fidelithon Rights and Permissions at (408) 418-4637 or mailed to Fidelithon Inc., Attention: Rights and Permissions, 111 N. Market St, Ste. 300, San Jose, CA 95113. The Rights and Permissions email address is

Third-Party Trademarks

The Fidelithon Trademark Guidelines are designed for use by authorized users and licensees of Fidelithon trademarks. These Guidelines do not allow or authorize other third parties to use Fidelithon trademarks and trade dress elements without express authorization from Fidelithon. For authorized users and licensees of Fidelithon trademarks, these guidelines should be used in conjunction with the terms outlined in any written agreements entered into with Fidelithon. In the event of any conflict between these guidelines and the terms outlined in a written agreement with Fidelithon, the written agreement controls.

For questions regarding trademarks, please contact