Centralized Mobile Device Management for Your Lifestyle

Take your e-Life anywhere you go.

We Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Mobile Data

gMelt. Get MY elife together. The first complete, cloud-based, multi-platform smartphone, tablet and device management system that is easy to use and convenient to have.

  • CONVENIENT: Automated and scheduled local or remote mobile data back-up and control.

  • SAFE AND PRIVATE: Secure cloud-based file sharing for consumers and businesses

  • EASY TO USE: 1-step uploading, share files with a touch of a button

  • FAST: See entire library on one page, super fast image loading

Our Patented Technology & Exclusive Features

With the industry’s first combined cloud-based file and mobile device system, securely managing user content and the tools that create it have never been easier.


gMeltApp is a perfect way to share files with and distribute files to other people you interact with in work or play.


With gMelt’s advanced management capabilities, you can easily monitor, track and manage your gMelt account at https://gmelt.fidelithon.com/gMelt-web.


A secure cloud-based technology that centralizes your stored information and allows you to easily upload, download and restore files.

Time is Money, and You Can Save Both by Managing Your Data From Anywhere.

Whether on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, gMelt provides the power to safely manage, control and share your content. You can even move your computer data to the cloud and share that too!

Choose the Right gMelt for You

With powerful features for multiple uses, you can scale up as your needs require.

gMelt for Personal Use

  • Leverage Cloud Technology

  • Share Files from Anywhere

  • Track, Find Lost Device

  • Scheduled Data Backups

  • Back-up Locally or to Remote

  • Access Control

gMelt for Business

  • Manage Up to 100 Devices

  • Plenty of Scalable Storage Capacity

  • Secure Encryption

  • Fast File Back-up and Restore

  • Time and Device Capacity-based Back-up

  • Multi-platform Functionality

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Available for Android and iOS Devices.