Fidelithon Systems Provides Five Quick Tips for Smart Holidays When Using Smartphones and Tablets

Android and iPhone gMelt Mobile Manager app part of secure and virtual mobile lifestyle for safe travels and management of personal data

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2011

Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a cloud computing leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for consumer and small and medium businesses (SMBs), offered suggestions for managing smartphones and tablets and optimizing your mobile experience during the holidays. The increasing ubiquity of these devices in everyday life can bring convenience as well as pitfalls and using them intelligently can extend their utility and provide peace of mind during the upcoming busy times. Users should monitor on-board storage, employ cloud-computing, enable GPS functions, use common-sense security measures and have realistic data plan capabilities. Fidelithon’s gMelt™ Mobile Manager app, for Android™ and iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ Touch, when used with these tips, can provide a great insurance policy against loss, add an empowering data and device management experience and help reduce holiday anxiety.
“The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be distractive” explains Kevin Allan, Principal and Founder at Fidelithon. “Smart devices are great for using over this time period and having a strategy for managing user-created family or business photos, videos, files as well as the mobile phones and tablets themselves is a prudent step in getting one’s e-life together”.

Here are suggestions for a low-stress mobile holiday experience:
1)    Watch your on-board memory. More is not always better, especially if you lose your device. Be disciplined about backing up your photos, videos and important items like contacts and documents. Having an automatic wireless cloud-based solution for back up eliminates the need for connecting to a computer and enables on-the-spot data backup in case you lose your smartphone in the surf or in the back of a cab (Note: always get a taxi receipt so you know who to call to get it back). Keep enough information on your device without unnecessarily risking valuable local files. Accessing additional data from a “cloud” is a smart way to travel and mitigates data loss risk. Offload the information often.

2)    Use a secure cloud –based service for storing personal information and passwords. You never know where you are going to be should you lose your passport. Putting this information in the cloud is a leap of faith, but saves a lot of hassle when you are in a strange area and have lost your identification. You can simply download your scanned passport, print it out and be on your way. The same can be said for having password information at your fingertips. As these mobile devices become integral in your daily life, storing this information in your phone may not be the best strategy, but having the capability to access this remotely will save time. Make sure the service uses secure means such as SSL-based technology for data transfer (like the one on-line banking uses).

3)    Add tracking software to your device. It may sound “Big Brother-esque, but that will be the least of your worries after leaving your tablet (and the valuable data in it) on the metro. Being able to find it on a map is the first step in putting your e-life back together. Make sure this tracking feature is enabled and permissions have been granted as to using GPS or other mechanisms on your device. Some products, like the gMeltPro™ version for Android, provide this as part of the app. Note that some of these settings may use more battery juice so keep your charger nearby.

4)    Set a password for your device. This goes without saying but still requires mention. The settings are easy to do and no reason you can’t take advantage of the smartphone or tablet’s security features on the device. Having a screen lock-out prevents anyone from accessing your device’s information in case it is lost, and prevents the random dialing when you put your phone back in your pocket or purse.

5)    Get a robust data plan set for growth. The premise for smartphone and tablets are access to information and sending it to and receiving it from somewhere else, as well as talking on the phone. With video recorders and 8 megapixel cameras, sending this information can quickly eat up your monthly data plan. Check your monthly usage, add 20-30% for growth over the next year and buy the right plan for you. Use secure Wi-Fi when possible to keep the charged data usage in check.

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