Fidelithon System’s gMelt Smartphone Management System Addresses the “Urgency of Information” Need with Instant Cloud Uploads, Storage and Sharing for Mobile Devices

Recent international events call attention to the future dissemination and distribution of time-sensitive material

San Jose, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 17, 2011

Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a leader in mobile device management, today provided insight into the future of mobile data access and management related to their gMelt™ cloud-based, centralized smartphone system. The gMelt System gives users the ability to proactively offload information into the “cloud” without the worry of losing data on the device in the event the device is lost, damaged or in some cases, confiscated.

“Recent events within the Middle East have brought home the idea that with the great advances in technology such as cell phones with cameras and video, the value in their inherent ability to share timely events is limited to how quickly this content can be offloaded and backed up so that the loss of the device will not diminish the content’s impact…” said Kevin Allan, Principal and Founder of Fidelithon Systems. “Our centralized gMelt system can help individuals and small and medium businesses (SMBs) retain and disseminate valuable time-sensitive content by securely creating virtual files in the cloud so that, in an instant, these files can be shared with others without the need to send the actual files- the files are uploaded to the to the cloud and the recipients are notified and can access and download them at their convenience”. This also helps reduce network traffic and allows for secure access to information without the need to set up VPNs, “always-on” computers and servers, or concerns over redundancies in the system.

Designed for Apple®’s iOS-based devices, like iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ Touch as well as Google®’s Android™-based products, there are a number of other features within the gMelt system that not only help manage the device’s virtual data, but also provide tools for remediation in the event that the device is misplaced. It provides tracking tools to see where the device is, and on some versions, provide the ability to remotely wipe data from the device, so as to prevent unwanted access to sensitive material.

Products and Pricing
The gMelt system requires an app to be installed on each device, and a 30-day trial is downloadable from the respective app stores on the smart device (Apple: App Store, Android: Market). Customers can purchase the app beyond the trial period through gMeltWeb™ (, as well as manage and upgrade their account.

  •     gMeltPersonal™

Manages two devices and provides basic abilities to manage and share user data. Provides 50Mb of cloud storage at a one-time, non-recurring fee of $7.99/app (upgrade to gMeltPro- $9.99/app)

  •     gMeltPro™

Manages up to 100 devices and provides GPS tracking, remote data wipe and provides 250Mb of cloud storage, upgradeable to 256Gb of storage for a one-time, non-recurring fee of $14.99/app

Storage upgrades for gMeltPro (includes features and functions of gMeltPro).

  •     gMeltPro32- 32Gb of cloud storage- $9.99/month
  •     gMeltPro64- 64Gb of cloud storage- $14.99/month
  •     gMeltPro128- 128Gb of cloud storage- $17.99/month
  •     gMeltPro256- 256Gb of cloud storage- $19.99/month

About Fidelithon Systems, LLC

Located in Silicon Valley, California, Fidelithon Systems provides multi-platform solutions to effectively manage data on mobile devices for personal and small business (SMB) uses. Further information about Fidelithon and its offerings can be found at Join us on FaceBook and Twitter (gMeltApp).

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