Fidelithon Systems’ gMelt Smartphone Cloud Management Capabilities Breaks the Limits For Holiday Sharing

App for Android, iPhone and iPad uses cloud-based technology for instant photo/video taking, storing and sending and avoids ISP size constraints.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2011

Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a leader in cloud-based centralized smartphone management for consumer and SMBs, today provided insight into its gMelt™ smartphone app with its ability to provide large file transfers without artificial file size constraints typically imposed by internet service providers (ISPs). Using gMelt’s cloud-based file management system, users can load large video files (from a smartphone for example), pictures or graphic-intensive documents to the cloud and share these with others without file-size caps on e-mail attachments imposed through services designed to limit the amount of traffic on a typical internet account.

“We have seen over and over again that ISPs are trying to relieve the traffic across the internet, and using file capacity limits to do this, but unfortunately technology is moving faster, with all the user-generated content capabilities of devices like Google®’s Android™-based smartphones and tablet PCs like Apple®’s iPad™”, said Kevin Allan, Principal and Founder of Fidelithon Systems. “We’ve seen many instances of e-mail services only allowing 10Mb worth of data as an attachment. A short video goes over that limit very quickly. Our technology allows everyone to use their smart devices to take great videos and pictures during events, such as Easter holiday festivities, and instantly upload these into the cloud and share them with others. Recipients can download these full-sized files at anytime, while avoiding the capacity constraints previously seen. As a result, no one has to wait until the files are put on a jump drive, burned to a disk or uploaded to a third party service which will generally reduce the size of the file and charge recipients for the ability to receive the information. We are simply making it easier for people to share and access the content that is theirs”.

The gMelt smartphone management system provides for numerous functionalities including the ability to securely and wirelessly offload data from the mobile device, share it, back up user-generated content (like photos, videos and documents) and personal information management (PIM) data, restore this information back onto the device and track its location in case of misplacement, among other capabilities. It also provides the ability to upload content from a computer for retrieval from a smartphone or tablet and account management from either the mobile device or any HTML browser.

Products and Pricing

The gMelt system requires an app to be installed on each tablet, and a 30-day trial can be downloaded from the respective app stores on the smart device (Apple: App Store, Android: Market). Customers can purchase the app beyond the trial period through, as well as manage and upgrade their account.

  •     gMeltPersonal

Manages two devices and provides basic abilities to manage and share user data. Offers 50Mb of cloud storage with a one-time fee of $7.99/app (upgrade to gMeltPro- $9.99/app)

  •     gMeltPro

Manages up to 100 devices and provides GPS tracking, remote data wipe and offers 250Mb of cloud storage, upgradeable to 256Gb of storage- with a one-time fee of $14.99/app

Storage upgrades for gMeltPro (includes features and functions of gMeltPro)

  •     gMeltPro32- 32Gb of cloud storage- $9.99/month
  •     gMeltPro64- 64Gb of cloud storage- $14.99/month
  •     gMeltPro128- 128Gb of cloud storage- $17.99/month
  •     gMeltPro256- 256Gb of cloud storage- $19.99/month

About Fidelithon Systems, LLC
Located in Silicon Valley, California, Fidelithon Systems provides multi-platform solutions to effectively manage data on mobile devices for personal and small business (SMB) users. Further information about Fidelithon and its offerings can be found at Join us on FaceBook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

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