Fidelithon Systems’ gMelt Smartphone App Takes the Tablet PC to the Internet Cloud – and Back

Inexpensive centralized management for iPad and Android tablets eases the concern over memory capacity and device misplacement by providing secure cloud-based storage and tracking, while providing secure file-sharing

San Jose, Calif. (Vocus/PRWEB) January 11, 2011

Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a leader in cloud-based centralized smartphone management for consumer and SMBs, is extending the virtual utility and power of the increasingly popular mobile internet tablet devices, such as Apple®’s iPad™ and those based upon Google®’s Android™-based operating system, with Fidelithon’s gMelt™ smartphone management system. Tablet PC management is securely extended into the “cloud”, creating a virtual hard drive to help centralize data and to access from anywhere there is an internet connection. Through gMelt, tablet PC users can offload files, such as videos or photos, download them from the cloud or share these files via the cloud. Secure tablet PC file-sharing is done in the cloud through the gMeltApp on a per-file basis, or through the SSL-based gMelt website. Additionally, some gMelt versions use the GPS functionality of the device, or triangulated mapping to help locate a lost tablet. Tablet PC tracking and management is done through the HTML-based gMeltWeb™ interface, supported by the major browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer®, Google’s Chrome™, Apple’s Safari® and Mozilla’s Firefox®. The gMelt system is also available for Apple’s iPhone® and iPod® Touch™ and Android smartphones.

Cutting the Cord, Unhooking the Drive

The gMelt tablet PC cloud storage system mitigates the risk of data loss on the tablet and concerns over on-board storage capacity, by allowing the user to wirelessly offload data to an account in the cloud and use the account for back-up, retrieval or restoring files and lists, such as contacts. gMelt users (“gMelters”) can securely share files within the cloud, without having to load the data locally onto their device. gMelters simply indicate with whom to share their files and the notified recipient can download them at their convenience. With the ability to move data to and from the cloud, users do not have to worry about the storage capacity constraints of their tablet. Fidelithon’s gMelt system offers numerous cloud storage capacity options, which are upgradable when needed, and multiple media tablets can be managed through one account.

Products and Pricing

The gMelt system requires an app to be installed on each tablet, and a 30-day trial can be downloaded from the respective app stores on the smart device (Apple: App Store, Android: Market). Customers can purchase the app beyond the trial period through gMeltWeb, as well as manage and upgrade their account.

  •     gMeltPersonal

Manages two devices and provides basic abilities to manage and share user data. Offers 50Mb of cloud storage with a one-time fee of $7.99/app (upgrade to gMeltPro- $9.99/app)

  •     gMeltPro

Manages up to 100 devices and provides GPS tracking, remote data wipe and offers 250Mb of cloud storage, upgradeable to 256Gb of storage- with a one-time fee of $14.99/app

Storage upgrades for gMeltPro (includes features and functions of gMeltPro)

  •     gMeltPro32- 32Gb of cloud storage- $9.99/month
  •     gMeltPro64- 64Gb of cloud storage- $14.99/month
  •     gMeltPro128- 128Gb of cloud storage- $17.99/month
  •     gMeltPro256- 256Gb of cloud storage- $19.99/month

About Fidelithon Systems, LLC

Located in Silicon Valley, California, Fidelithon Systems provides multi-platform solutions to effectively manage data on mobile devices for personal and small business (SMB) users. Further information about Fidelithon and its offerings can be found at Join us on FaceBook and Twitter (gMeltApp) or LinkedIn.

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