Fidelithon Systems Introduces gMelt, the First Multi-Platform Smartphone Management System for Apple and Android-Based Devices Designed for Consumers and SMBs

Next-generation smartphone app and web system creates exclusive cloud-based virtual access and data sharing while providing powerful device administration tools

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2010

Fidelithon Systems™, LLC, a leader in mobile device management, today announced the availability of gMelt™, a centralized smartphone management system, immediately down-loadable through Apple®’s App Store for iPhone®, iPad™ and iPod Touch™, and through Google®’s Android™ Market for Android-based smart devices. gMelt represents a new and powerful next-generation application and system that leverages the extensive capabilities of smart devices, “cloud” technology, and secure data handling, designed specifically to enable complete virtual management of data and devices, while allowing users to securely share specific files with other users. As more personal and sensitive information is created and stored on mobile devices, it also offers proactive and reactive remediation capabilities in the event the device is lost or damaged. gMelt provides the capability of managing up to 100 devices and cloud storage capabilities of up to 256Gb- all through one account.

Manages Smart Devices from One Account

gMelt offers the capability to wirelessly offload large amounts of data from the device, freeing up space and placing the files in a secure, centralized location. Users can simply store the data, or share specific files with others. Any data stored can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using an Internet browser. The system provides the ability to store and restore contacts and other personal information management (PIM data) of the device, as well as saving SMS, MMS and email transactions. More details about features and functions specific to the respective platforms can be found at The system is composed of three components: the application, gMeltApp™, the web-based management portion, gMeltWeb™, and the storage portion, gMeltCloud™.

  • gMeltApp

A downloadable application that resides on the smart device and offered in a number of versions, that allows users to schedule device activities, offload, download and back-up files, receive inbox notifications from other users, establish GPS device-tracking parameters, create invitations and view and share files. The app also offers a one-step help button that allows access to FAQs, forums and other support resources via the Fidelithon Systems website

  • gMeltWeb

An integral part of the system using any browser, and password protected, the user can view and share files, upload and download them to and from a computer, manage inbox messages, upgrade their account, change passwords, monitor transactions and storage capacity, track devices, and in some instances, remotely delete sensitive data on the device. The user can manage multiple devices though a single web interface

  • gMeltCloud

An array of servers where the SSL-encrypted data is sent and located, that provide redundancy and have extensive provisions to prevent compromised security

Products and Pricing
The gMelt system requires an app to be installed on each device, and a 30-day trial downloadable from the respective app stores on the smart device (Apple: App Store, Android: Market). Customers can purchase the app beyond the trial period through gMeltWeb (, as well as manage and upgrade their account.

  • gMeltPersonal

Manages two devices and provides basic abilities to manage and share user data. Offers 50Mb of cloud storage with a one-time fee of $7.99/app (upgrade to gMeltPro- $9.99/app)

  • gMeltPro

Manages up to 100 devices and provides GPS tracking, remote data wipe and offers 250Mb of cloud storage, upgradeable to 256Gb of storage- with a one-time fee of $14.99/app

Storage upgrades for gMeltPro (includes features and functions of gMeltPro)

  • gMeltPro32- 32Gb of cloud storage- $9.99/month
  • gMeltPro64- 64Gb of cloud storage- $14.99/month
  • gMeltPro128- 128Gb of cloud storage- $17.99/month
  • gMeltPro256- 256Gb of cloud storage- $19.99/month

About Fidelithon Systems, LLC

Located in Silicon Valley, California, Fidelithon Systems provides multi-platform solutions to effectively manage data on mobile devices for personal and small business (SMB) uses. Further information about Fidelithon and its offerings can be found at Join us on FaceBook (Fidelithon Systems) and Twitter (gMeltApp).

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