gMeltCloud Provides Security and Flexibility

A secure cloud-based technology that centralizes your stored information and allows you to easily upload, download and restore files. Whether you are online or offline, working at home, the office or on the road, gMelt makes it convenient for you to backup your information utilizing the gMeltCloud.

gMeltCloud Benefits


– Store your files
– Options from 50MB to 256MB+ storage space
– Access from anywhere


Using industry-standard infrastructure you get: -Certified and accredited
– Redundant back-up of files
– Data encryption
– Physical and virtual access restrictions
– Nefarious activities protection (IP spoofing, port scanning, packet sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc.)

Peace of Mind

Automation of file backups and device tracking capabilities give you complete control of your device and its data. Restore your data to a new device when needed.